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At Fivelements Retreat Bali we recognise that optimal wellness comes from embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit, where health and self-realisation are reflections of the love, authenticity and harmony within. Wake up and join our daily interactive morning yoga class and be inspired to explore our sacred arts.

Sacred Arts healing is inspired by the ancient Balinese philosophy, Tri Kaya Parisudha, which encourages us to align heartfelt goodwill and thinking with consistent speech and action. This creative form of personal and spiritual growth promotes a deeper connection with our inner core, empowering us with new ways to balance our external life choices.

The holistic Sacred Arts programmes at Fivelements Retreat Bali involve movement, creative expression and self-awareness. The individual or group sessions are multi-disciplinary and are guided by specialists in Meditation, Yoga, Somatic Therapy, Dance, Vibrational Healing Music, Visual Arts and Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork. These programmes help us to reconnect with our authentic selves, opening our bodies and minds to newfound trust, freedom and joy.

We invite you to embark upon a Sacred Arts healing journey and explore new ways to cultivate peace, strengthen your inner power and deepen your connection with others. Life changing possibilities are presented by our dedicated professionals, who will guide you with compassion, sensitivity and love.


Available Programs

Ananda Meditation With Dada

90 Min 
Private (1-2 guests) – Rp 1,250,000
Private Groups 3-6 – Rp 1,550,000

Ananda means joy or bliss, the happiness that is sought in all human feelings and desires. According to Tantra Yoga philosophy, ananda is achieved by illuminating the soul with the radiance of Divine Love within. In this session, Acarya Vibhakarananda Avt. (“Dada”), an enlightened Balinese spiritual teacher, will share insightful teachings based on the ancient philosophy of Tantra (one’s expansive journey into ananda) and a powerful meditation practice for invigorating the mind and soul with compassionate love and devotion. This is an informative session intended to share useful tools for creating greater peace, harmony and happiness in your daily life.

Dada is a warm and compassionate man devoted to a path of love. He began searching for spiritual answers as a young child, and after several years working in the corporate world, Dada’s strong vision for One-ness led him to leave his job and immerse himself in the path of yoga. He went on to pursue training in India as a sanyasin, senior yoga monk. He then began teaching yoga and meditation in Taiwan and Australia and eventually returned to his native island of Bali, bringing his devotional work home. Dada is a gifted teacher of the heart whose commitment to share the wisdom of Tantra continues to support people through gentle transformation and the awakening experience of ananda.


90 Min 
Private (1-2 guests) – Rp 1,700,000

Mindfulness is a process of slowing down and touching deeply into life moment by moment. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and all that you are doing. Utilizing conscious breathing techniques, we focus awareness on the present moment, calmly observing thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, without forcing, judging, or hiding from anything. We discuss what emerges along the way, allowing for greater self-awareness. Practicing this kind of presence assists you in listening to the still, small voice within you, opening to new experiences, making important changes and wise decisions.

All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and are subject to 21% tax and service charge

Aikido, the Way of Harmonious Spirit

90 Min 
Private (1-2 guests) – Rp 1,250,000
Private Groups (3-6) – Rp 1,550,000

A modern Japanese martial art, Aikido was developed by Morihei Ueshiba and is a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy and beliefs. In this session, you will learn the foundation of Aikido from the perspective of harmony or unity of life energy with self, with others and our environments. Through hands on practice, you will come to embody the lessons of harmonizing, centering, peaceful mind, respect, understanding, opening and staying in one’s power – invaluable tools for every day life.

Arie, a native of Yogyakarta (Central Java, Indonesia), fell in love with aikido at Samurai Dojo Bali when he first started practicing in 2006. Through his devoted journey, Arie discovered much more than a martial art. He learned that aikido is an art of peace and a way of life. His passion for aikido led him to train in different dojos to improve his knowledge, skill and understanding about this extraordinary peaceful practice. Arie later founded the Kagura Dojo in Yogyakarta, Central Java and the Terakoya Aikido Dojos in Bali.

“Aikido is a life long practice and a journey of life.”

Ristie Darmawar, co-instructor, assists Arie in this dynamic session. With over eight years of dedication and practice, aikido has expanded Ristie’s way of thinking about life. A family physician with a masters in anti-aging medicine and an international certified personal trainer by the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA), Ristie has embraced aikido as an integral part of her life.

“It is never too late to start Aikido as it is a lifetime training. Practice with good spirit, respect others and help each other.”

All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and are subject to 21% tax and service charge

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