Executive Performance and Boutique Group Retreats at Fivelements Retreat Bali

Our private or individual retreats have become a hallmark of Fivelements Retreat and through this learning we have now developed and delighted to introduce our Boutique Group & Executive Performance Retreats. 

The Group Retreats are designed to inspire and foster new skills that can be used every day in your home and working life. Teamwork has always been essential for successful organisations and through our bespoke retreats, Fivelements Retreat Bali offers you a great way to join with colleagues, friends or family on a journey that will inspire new highs. From the Spiritual journey to learning how to cook our invigorating plant-based food, the boutique group retreat is a great way to start a new healthy journey.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

The retreat is designed to challenge you and increase your fitness levels, whilst learning to balance your diet.
Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Bali has long been known as a unique place of healing and transformation and is known for eliciting awakening and purification.
Culinary Detox

Culinary Detox

Health and wellbeing are a reflection of inner harmony. The Culinary Detox retreat is inspired by the ancient Balinese philosophy that promotes living with purity of thought, speech and action.

The Executive Performance Retreat

The Executive Wellness Retreat offers attendees an experience and the tools to counterbalance the unique challenges of executive lifestyles.

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