Our Team and Their Journey

Fivelements Retreat offers not only a stunning location in the heart of the jungle and by the flowing and the sacred Ayung River, but what truly makes the magic come to life is our wonderful team and the individuals who make your journey of life transformation come true.

This is their journey and they look forward to meeting you in the near future. Anne Cousin, Wellness Liaison and Ibu Yuman, Assistant Manager of The Wellness Sanctuary are key team members of the leadership team and both passionate about wellness.

Ms Anne Cousin
Wellness Liaison

Anne is a French national and has studied multiple body-based disciplines since 2004, including Somatic Movement Educator and European IOKAI Shiatsu Practitioner. Anne joined the Bali team from Fivelements Habitat Hong Kong in early 2020.

I ran an integrative wellness practice, combining trauma-informed bodywork, sound meditation, and movement classes such as TRE®. I believe in self-growth, humanity, and thrive in helping individuals source their highest potential.

My role at Wellness Liaison is ensuring a bespoke experience for the guests where team expertise combined with the authenticity of Balinese ancestral philosophy, contributes to the Fivelements vision of Heal, Connect, and Inspire.

More than ever the importance of nurturing and empowering oneself, individuals, and corporations toward a meaningful life, pillar of sustainable global wellness.

Bali brings out this way of being, be it being at the Retreat, whether in the Sacred Space, during a Fire Ceremony or listening to Ayung River, the subtle elements of nature combined with ancestral Balinese knowledge of Oneness, are all potent forces at play that we can tap into to transformation.

A heartfelt and connected presence that I feel grateful to learn from and contribute to in our programs. I hope to meet you soon in person and be part of your journey.

Ibu Sang Ayu Nyoman Sumiati (Yuman)
Assistant Manager at Fivelements Retreat Wellness Sanctuary.

Ibu Yuman is a true local, born and raised in Bali, joining Fivelements Retreat in 2010 and lives with her family in the local village.

I embarked on a life-changing journey at Fivelements Retreat Bali in June 2010 as a Healing Receptionist. I was very unfamiliar with the wellness world, but since then Fivelements Retreat has taught me so much about it. Growing up in Bali I always enjoyed taking care of people.

The most useful learning that I can take home is its epicurean plant-based cooking, also known as living & whole foods. Adding plant-based cooking to my diet has helped me be healthier, and I realised that my digestive problems have slowly vanished after changing my eating habits to living & whole foods.

My main responsibility is to ensure that our guests are having the treatments that are tailored to their needs. I believe in recommending bespoke treatments that are vital for our guest’s memorable experiences.

Fivelements Retreat Bali is unlike any other normal “spa”, the Wellness Sanctuary conveys spiritual healing experiences deeply rooted in our Balinese culture and traditions.

I recommend treatments to my guests based on my own experiences, as I believe that it is important for me to completely understand and make sure of what I offer is something that have tried or trained on. Our wonderful local Healers & Therapists offer so many treatments that are very special and deeply Balinese.