Our Team and Their Journey

As part of the Sacred Arts offered at Fivelements Retreat Bali, Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork that includes deep relaxation, stretching and massage. The practitioner or therapist gently cradles and moves the receiver around in chest-deep warm water to the soft sounds of music. Our guests travel often miles to experience this water journey.

Mr. Mauricio Gómez Perdomo – Watsu practitioner

Mauricio or better known as Mau was born in Cartagena de Indias, a small city on the coast of Colombia’s Caribbean Sea has always been passionate about everything related to water.

How and when did you Join Fivelements Retreat Bali? What is your role?

I was recommended Fivelements Retreat by my colleague and friend; Michael Hallock, a wonderful Healing Dance teacher, and world-renowned Watsu practitioner. During early 2020 I joined the team as its aquatic bodywork practitioner.

How much do you consider Balinese Culture and Philosophy part of the sustainability and wellness movement?

I believe Balinese culture and philosophy magically intertwines to perfection with the wellness and sustainability movement, especially regarding the importance of understanding how sacred, powerful and transforming the water element is in Bali, how water cleanses and nourishes our body and soul, filling us with gratitude to engage life in a more fertile and generous way.

What inspires you about working or spending time at Fivelements Retreat?

Walking into Fivelements Retreat is the beginning of a soothing sensation, seeing smiles all around, sensing nature alive, seeing and hearing its colourfulness. As minutes pass I feel completely synchronized with this feeling, with this arising gratitude. What most inspires me about my work here is being able to share this synchronization, to reverberate this ripple through the water and into our guests, awakening bliss, relaxation and joy.

To experience this wonderful water massage with Mau, simple send us an email at contact@fivelements.org to reserve your experience.

Reinaldo Putra
Front Office Manager at Fivelements Retreat Bali

Growing up in Jakarta, Reinaldo always knew that hospitality was his calling. Having lived, studied and worked in five different countries, Reinaldo is a career hotelier with robust experiences in guest services and operations. Studying in Shanghai and Sydney has given Reinaldo the opportunity to learn more languages is now well-spoken Chinese, Thai and Spanish in addition to being fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English

Connecting with people has been a great passion of mine. Having lived and worked in five different countries, I believe that the essence of connecting with people is a thorough understanding of each individual. Everyone has a story to tell and is indeed unique in their own way. Having the great opportunity to bring this sphere of mindset to the hospitality industry, I always ensure that I tailor a bespoke service to each and every guest that I have the opportunity to meet.

I was new to Bali and to the rich culture and traditions when joining this beautiful property and embarked on my personal life-changing journey at Fivelements Retreat Bali in mid-2019. However, Fivelements Retreat Bali since then has not only developed my personal career growth but also guided me to comprehend mindfulness. As a Healing and Wellness Sanctuary that is deeply rooted in Balinese culture and tradition, I have come to an understanding that connecting to your own self and mother nature are pivotal to life. This experience allows me to further refine myself as a young professional and passionate hotelier.