The Organic Garden

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating homegrown tomatoes”.
Lewis Grizzard

The island of Bali is home to not only some of South East Asia’s most stunning tourist attractions, but at the core of the islands food production is the vast array of boutique farms and gardens that are filled with every imaginable fruit or vegetable and often superfoods. The Balinese are at core farmers and have a wonderful relationship with natures greatest gift, the food.

It was a natural fit incorporating the 3700 sq. metres of green space into Fivelements Retreat and giving guests staying in the new Hillside Pool-Suites the views of the garden. The Garden embodies the retreat’s philosophy of Tri Hita Karana representing a unique and innovative approach to sustainable living and wellness, providing the produce for the retreat’s plant-based Sakti Dining RoomTM and Healing & Wellness Sanctuary, while also providing food and jobs to the local community.

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The garden features 30 types of plants that are used throughout the retreat. The garden incorporates the traditional agriculture system called Subak that binds Balinese agrarian society together within the village’s Bale Banjar community. The irrigations is sourced directly from the local rice fields of surrounding village by using a pump so that the water may be channelled direct into the garden.
The water flows into the garden is used twofold. Firstly as an attraction as the small river that flows around the garden suppling water to the pond. The second aspect is the water is used as a natural fertilizer for plants.

The Garden offers many memorable experiences to our guests with the farm to table concept at Sakti Dining RoomTM and is part of every culinary class with students being given a full tour of the garden and selecting ingredients that will be used during the class. The influence of the beautiful space doesn’t just stop there, but is a key part of supplying products to the Healing & Wellness Sanctuary completing the farm to beauty concept. The ingredients are carefully selected, harvested and processed in our Healing & Wellness laboratory to provide guests with the ultimate healing & wellness experience.

The garden was developed in harmony with the staff and the local community, who has worked together to plan and cultivate these beautiful spaces. Make sure you reserve your time when you next time visit Bali and be part of a culinary class to best experience the garden.

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