Sakti Dining RoomTM

Set between the sacred Ayung River and the lush tropical ponds and gardens, Fivelements Retreat’s award-winning Sakti Dining RoomTM features modern dining in an eco-luxurious setting.

Opening Hours


7:00 - 11:00am


11:00am - 3:30pm

Afternoon Tea & Snack

3:30pm - 6:00pm


6:00 - 10:00pm

* Sakti Dining Room™ hours of operation have been set according to our optimal wellbeing philosophy.
* If you anticipate needing food service after 10:00pm, please feel free to contact our Sakti Dining Room™ in advance.

Our cuisine features epicurean plant-based cuisine in celebration of our “aliveness”. Our goal is simple: To let mother nature’s cuisine shine with all the exciting tastes, textures, vibrant colors and pure flavours.

The food we serve is prepared with love, passion and attention to detail. Our menu is designed to give optimal plant-based nutrition and high energy whilst inspiring a gastronomical journey aimed to nurture body, mind and soul. This process starts with sourcing the finest local ingredients at the height of the growing season.

We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Experience our Signature Chef’s Specialty Tasting Menus available for lunch and dinner or our a la carte menu sure to surprise and delight a wide array of palates.

We invite you to step inside and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of feeling nourished and the pure delight of stunning colours from each dish.

Enjoy the innovative and life-invigorating cuisine at Fivelements Retreat’s award-winning Sakti Dining RoomTM.

Available Experiences

Healing With Plant Based Cuisine

Plant-based cuisine provides life force. Fundamental to personal health and a healthy planet, it supports natural healing through cleansing to help us reach our highest potential.

Detox with Plant Based Cuisine

As our lives become increasingly demanding, fast-paced and stressed, we begin to recognise significant impacts in our body’s natural ability to sustain healthy organ productivity, effective toxin elimination and overall health and wellness.

Culinary Retreat

The Culinary Team will guide you through key techniques including juicing, sprouting, smoothies, sweet and savory blending, fermenting, low temperature baking and dehydrating.

Culinary Training

Study under the expertise of one of the world’s most highly regarded gourmet plant-powered cuisine team of chefs, and take home an in-depth understanding of this extraordinary Cuisine for Life™.

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