Narayan Seva Foundation

Fivelements Retreat Bali joined a partnership charity with Narayan Seva Foundation, a children's home nestled in the heart of Northern side of Bali, founded in 2004. The children’s home mission is to provide a loving home, holistic education, and practical skills to marginalized and disadvantaged children.
Narayan Seva Foundation recognizes that every child is unique, and they embrace this diversity by encouraging individual interests and talents.

Their approach goes beyond conventional education; it's a holistic journey that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. The children at Narayan Seva Children's Home live self-organized and self-sufficient lives, imbibing the principles of neo-humanism.

The children’s home educates in Yoga Asana and meditation, instilling in them the importance of inner peace and self-awareness. By living a spiritual life, they learn to transcend selfishness and become compassionate individuals, dedicated to alleviating the suffering of others. This ethos of universal love guides their growth.

Narayan Seva Foundation doesn't just nurture minds and spirits; they also uphold the values of environmental sustainability. Due to a proper respect and use of natural resources, Narayan Seva provides their own drinking water, solar energy, biogas and vegetables. But they still have to buy supplements from the local market. All food provided is lacto-vegetarian food – free from onions, garlic, eggs and mushrooms.

Our partnership with Narayan Seva Foundation underscores our commitment to nurturing hearts and minds, not only within the sanctuary of Fivelements Retreat Bali but throughout the wider community. We support a home to nurtures the children’s physical well-being and environmental awareness. Together, we are making a tangible impact, creating a legacy of hope, education and sustainability for generations to come.

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