Ananda Seva Dharma

At Fivelements Retreat Bali, we're deeply honored to collaborate with Ananda Seva Dharma, a children's home in the Northern side of Bali. Founded in 1996, specifically located in Sangsit, Buleleng, Ananda Seva Dharma focuses on cultivating the physical, mental, and spiritual development of the children in their care.

Ananda Seva Dharma is a sanctuary where young souls thrive. The children living here are not only given a loving home but also trained in various activities such as yoga, meditation, and cultivating plants. These practices are an integral part of their mission—to increase awareness and strengthen the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of each child.

The practice of yoga and meditation is woven into the daily lives of the children at Ananda Seva Dharma. These ancient disciplines not only enhance physical health but also foster mental clarity and emotional well-being. Through yoga and meditation, the children learn essential life skills that empower them to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

At Ananda Seva Dharma, being connected with nature and spiritual is part of the home activities. The children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world. They learn how nurturing a plant mirrors nurturing their own potential for personal growth, emphasizing the spiritual interconnectedness of all life.

Our partnership with Ananda Seva Dharma reflects our deep commitment to nurturing the future of children in Bali. We work together to preserve the children’s growth for a brighter future, creating a hope and ultimately benefiting the wider community for the world.

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