Start fresh in the new year


It may be a cliche, but the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ should ring in your ears at every meal. Take a moment to look at your plate and consider where your food comes from, what it consists of and the repercussions it will have inside your body. Eat mindfully like this and you may find your food choices automatically improving.

 Because the choices you should be making for optimal health, body function, mental clarity and maximum energy levels are fresh vegetables, fruit, seaweed, nuts, seeds and grains, and they should be eaten raw, dehydrated or heated to less than 48C/118F.

These are the foods that make up the raw living food movement, a philosophy that is growing fast for many wonderful reasons:

  • Raw living foods are still alive when you eat them, and they pass their vital life force directly to your body
  • The potent energy of their fresh uncooked state gives you powerful amounts of energy in turn
  • The vitamins and minerals, amino acids and living enzymes, and their oxygen content are all unharmed when not cooked, and are absorbed by your body, supporting natural cleansing and healing
  • In their pure state, raw living foods help your body detoxify, gradually creating a pure state in your body too

What does this mean in real terms?

Life is full of stress, toxins and other harmful pollutants, many that we’re not aware of much of the time. These serve to bring our health and energy levels down, impacting our immune system, physical wellbeing, mental concentration, emotional stability, rate of aging and more.

Trouble-free digestion, fast body repair and the magic of cellular rejuvenation all happen at optimal levels when you’re putting the right fuel into your body. Raw living foods transfer their nutrition while requiring minimum processing energy from your body. Through their detoxifying life force, the body can rid itself of toxins more easily. And significantly, raw living foods can help prevent or heal modern day conditions that include the big three of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as digestive disorders, weight problems, high cholesterol, allergies, skin issues, and mental and emotional disorders.

When you feel good, have high energy levels and a healthy body, mind and spirit, you are in a prime state to achieve great things. Give yourself the very best opportunity to access your highest potential through the help of fresh, raw living foods.

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