Mystic economy with Chicco Tatriele and Debra Moffitt


Mystic economy with Chicco Tatriele and Debra Moffitt

Did any of you hear Chicco talking on Divinely Inspired Living to radio show host Debra Moffitt recently? Discussing transformational business practices and how to create balance and harmony in a corporate situation, here are the takeaways from the discussion.

Chicco started off saying the business models of the past must be modified. “Profit is important but it is not the final goal. The business must be sustainable, while of course creating wealth and health for those participating – owners and stakeholders but also all company members.”

He said he’s had a 24-year relationship with Bali and for Fivelements this little island is the perfect location to create a new model business. “The way the Balinese interact with life is already holistic – it includes business as well as spirituality, the life of the village, for being social. None of it is separated and this has fascinated me from the beginning. Not only that, but they have time for all activities. In the west everything is about business, which often means less time for family and friendships, creating problems. Sometimes people are worried to have spirituality and business and money all close to each other, but spirituality is important for business and business is important for spirituality. Don’t be scared of business, it can be creative and profound.”

He also loves the Balinese concept of Tri Hita Kirana, the balance between human to human, human to nature and human to spirit. “This universal concept is so important. Our interactions with other humans can change the world, starting with ourselves. Harmony with nature is so important – we can see climate change happening when we stop respecting nature. And if we were to reconnect with the wisdom of the tribes and their mysticism and spirituality, we can find all the answers. They are more simple than we could ever think.”

With the new location in Hong Kong opening soon, the team sees a great opportunity even though the proximity to Bali will not be a factor. “Many of our guests come from cities and we can connect with them on a business level there through our cuisine and programs. The property is a membership based lifestyle destination focusing on three generations and we love this idea. Three generations interacting with wellness. And if some of these business or family members can bring small changes to the companies they lead or their business environment it could have a huge impact. It is a big vision but more and more people are connecting to health trends.”

When it comes to creating a holistic business Chicco tells Debra that first you must believe in yourself and your intuition. It is important to have faith and listen to the heart. Surround yourself with talented people. Remember people are looking for businesses that are authentic so if your brand is eco conscious, it has to be real. “More and more people want to work for enterprises with this kind of vision. I see business being part of this transformation,” he says.

Difficulties setting up a transformational business include finding capital as well as investing in HR and tackling challenges as they arise. For Fivelements, helping people understand a new language has been a challenge. “I can see from five years ago how more people are open to talking about love, energy and transformation, change, spirituality.”

Don’t worry about making mistakes, he cautions. “There is always a little risk in life and you can’t always be sure what you are doing is 100 per cent the right thing. Sometimes you need to make the mistake, and repeat it even, to understand. Positive thinking is important. Be aware, not to harsh on yourself, regroup and then do better. Don’t give up!”

One way the Fivelements team synch up with each other is by starting the day with meditation and yoga. They even start their meetings with a minute or two of meditation. “It brings everyone together.”

Another thing that brings everyone together at Fivelements is, of course, the food. “Our food is created, not to convert but to inspire. To bring new habits into your life and your family. In the same way, we offer a subtle invitation to hold the space for healing and transformation to happen at Fivelements. And of course Love in Action.”

When Debra asked Chicco about Love in Action he said, “We saw this for the first time at an Ashram. We embrace it at Fivelements and it is one of our HR policies. We were shy to put it there to begin with but love is not weakness, it is strength. Love is powerful. For us it is such an inspiring concept.”

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