Loving and respecting All life at Fivelements


Here at Fivelements we practice Ahimsa – love and respect for all life. This practice includes showing compassion for some of the less popular creatures that we live amongst, such as the dreaded mosquito. In order to understand how we can more happily coexist with these little nuisances, we have recently made it our business to learn how they live and breed.

Upon hearing that familiar buzz in the ear, most people use a commercial repellent, and some chemical sprays are quite effective. However, if you take a careful look it turns out there are many environmentally friendly ways to minimize the annoying presence of mosquitos without killing them.

Read on and you’ll get some ideas for a zzz-free home...

Identify breeding hot spots:

Start by discouraging mosquitos from living near you. Anywhere that collects water quickly turns into a place where mosquitos breed. Keep an eye out for any standing water areas and keep them drained and dry. At Fivelements we have capped our bamboo fences to ensure they can’t collect rainwater.

Monitor your plants:

Some big leafed plants tend to collect rainwater, but it is possible to work with nature to reduce these areas. Here at Fivelements we regularly check our lush Balinese plants.

  • Calatheas, which our gardeners can trim to remove standing water
  • Alocasias, which we are removing from the root
  • Bromeliads, which can be filled with sand if they are collecting water
  • Heliconia flowers, which we will harvest for bouquets

Plant naturally repelling flora:

Many aromatic plants like Lemongrass (Cymbopogan), can be planted around your home or other populated areas to reduce the traffic of mosquitos to start with.

Replace chemical sprays with natural oils:

There are many natural oils that repel mosquitos. For sprays that are safe to use on the body, replace your chemical spray with an essential oil or a blend of oils mixed into a carrier like coconut oil to rub directly onto the skin. You can also mix them with boiled/distilled water to create a spray. For a repellent with more punch add witch hazel or even apple cider vinegar. Alternatively you can burn the mixture in an oil burner to keep a space mozzie-free.

Good oils to experiment with are neem, citronella, tea tree, mint, eucalyptus, cedar, lemongrass and rosemary. Choose one you like the best or mix a few for a fragrance you like, but the mozzies don’t!