Love in Action. What, who, why and how…


If you have time to just read one blog today, read this one. A beautiful aha-moment, Love in Action explained gives you a glimpse of how to be a better person, describes the all-encompassing, limitless power of love, and its transformation influence when you feel it, receive it, embrace it and give it freely.

Love in Action is the meaning of life.

At Fivelements Love in Action informs our thoughts and actions, it guides our interactions, it forms our plans. Through Love in Action we, a passionate company, are driven to support our guests, our family, our community and the wellness of humanity. While this may sound like a lofty dream, it is in fact very real, and we invite you to join us.

How will you embody Love in Action? Co-founder and Vision Director of Fivelements, Lahra Tatriele, explains here. Read to the end – it is worth every syllable.

How to recognise Love in Action

Love is giving

Lahra shares, “Love in Action is related to Love all, Serve all. Love spreads when we extend ourselves from the heart. Through service and serving others selflessly, we literally create love.

Love in Action begins with the self. We must each at some point in our healing path, pain or crisis find the will to transform through love.

Love is divine within us

Love is the expression of the Divine, of the God within each of us. When we reach a moment of pure love, it is pure light, pure divinity.

Real and lasting healing takes place during a spiritual shift, which can be an aha-moment, a deeply profound experience or a small miracle. They bring new awareness or insight, which literally frees us from the attachment to pain, guilt, worry and upset from past incidents and lifetimes.

From patterns to peace

We carry karma from previous lifetimes and incidents energetically and at a cellular level. These are patterns that replay until we find ourselves in a safe haven when we can fully process them. In these rare but extraordinary moments we can truly experience peace, receive, face and accept our truths, and gently let go. On the other side freedom and joy awaits, embracing our sweet sensitive souls. These moments often happen when we are out of our daily routines and comfort zones.

The reason for Fivelements

It is to discover Love in Action that we created Fivelements. Our retreat is a safe haven in which we can wind down, decompress and plug in to our reality, our bare, naked truths, our sweet and original and authentic selves. Fivelements is that space where life transformation through self love is given the opportunity to blossom.

Traditional healing that comes from ancient wisdom, plant-based, living foods cuisine of the highest vibration prepared with love and consciousness, engaging in creative sacred hearts, the gentle guidance of our amazing family, within a natural and consciously designed environment… These are all integrative wellness experiences that together amplify the possibility of experiencing the magic of life through detachment, acceptance and integration.

To Love in Action.”