Innovative Eating At Fivelements Dinner Club


If you’re a foodie, there’s nothing quite like being witness to a talented chef’s imagination, beautifully presented on a plate, for the first time ever. To give feedback and perhaps have some sway upon whether it appears on the regular menu brings you closer to the experience of being a chef. Minus the stress, sweat and tears, it’s the next best thing.

 “Through years of research and discovery, illness and healing, and experiencing the extraordinarily positive impact of heating healthy foods first hand, we wanted to share what we felt was the biggest untapped secret of happiness and health today,” says co-founder Lahra Tatriele about creating Fivelements’ beautiful restaurant Sakti™ Dining Room. “And that is eating well, eating for energy, for beauty and longevity, and most importantly, enjoying a wonderful culinary experience prepared with love.”

With a worldwide reputation for its pioneering dishes already, Fivelements recently launched the Fivelements Dinner Club, to share this unique culinary experience and inspire through the world’s most innovative, life-invigorating cuisine.

“Once a month our talented chefs create a menu never before seen at Fivelements, experimenting with Bali’s beautifully fresh produce and influenced by Executive Chef Felix Schoener’s incredible talent,” says Lahra.

And you are invited!

Come and eat, drink and be the first to taste innovative dishes designed to push the barriers of plant-based cuisine, while also nourishing the body, the mind and the soul with goodness you can taste and feel.

“Above all,” says Lahra, “we invite you to discover that healthy food not only tastes great but rivals any cuisine in the world today.”

The first Friday of every month, join Chef Felix and his team and a select group of guests at 7pm to taste Sakti Dining Room’s™ newest dishes. The 5-course Monthly Gourmet Chef’s Tasting Dinner is Rp 350,000 for Friends of Fivelements, or Rp 550,000 for non-members, with 10 per cent of proceeds going towards Fivelements’ social impact programmes.