Getting spiritual with Dada at Fivelements


Into the Light, Fivelements monthly meditation and spiritual teaching series

Topics like morality, biopsychology, how to have a meaningful life, fasting, Tantra, yogic science and the mystery of creation are all on the table and can take an infinite number of paths depending on the personal experiences shared.

Through his satsang talks, Balinese spiritual teacher Acharya Vibhakarananda Avadhuta (Dada), provides an opportunity to do just that. To feel yourself rise above the cares of the week, absorb the calming energy of the natural world around you, and deepen your understanding of what it means to live with the spirit of love, harmony and human progress.

Dada has been practicing yoga and meditation since his early childhood, deepening his practice thanks to a chance meeting with yoga monk Acharya Jinanananda Avadhuta. Dada left the corporate world 16 years ago for a life of yoga. His teachings are inspired by the philosophy of Ananda Marga, which weaves Tantra, psychology and social theory together in order to take students closer to self-realization and service to humanity.

He says that the motivations for satsang discussions are simple: “To widen our perspectives, having better reason and understanding of why we meditate and do spiritual practices, and then inspire and motivate us to implement those beautiful ideas to practice to benefit us and the society around us.”

Take a reprieve from the pressures of life and join Fivelements’ new monthly programme Into the Light. An informal gathering held in our inspirational Mandala Agung, your body, mind and emotions will gradually quieten during our uplifting and cleansing guided meditation, followed by satsang (an enlightening spiritual discussion).

Monthly Meditation and Satsongs with Dada at Fivelements:

May - Ahimsa (non-harming) and other principles of Yoga
June - Santosa (gratitude) and other principles of Yoga
July - What is yoga and what is not yoga
August - 5 Layers of Mind and yogic way to purify them
September - Teaching of Shiva (1)
October - Vidya and Avidya Tantra
November - Life, death and samskara
December - Microvita: Mysterious emanation of Cosmic Factor.