Feel the Magic of Fivelements


“Fivelements is the manifestation of our vision, our dreams, our love.
And we have created this Balinese sanctuary of healing, happiness and wellbeing for guests to discover their own vision, dreams and love in turn.”

Lahra and Chicco Tatriele

Five years ago, the eco-wellness retreat, Fivelements, opened its unique healing space to guests for the first time in Bali. Since then, the beautiful bamboo-designed sanctuary by the Ayung River has offered a restorative and spiritual space for personal transformations and love in action. Combining traditional wisdom with a spirit of innovation and excellence, Fivelements has surpassed our expectations, our dreams. We have won awards, attracted the best in wellness partners and truly reinvented what it means to retreat.

Fivelements – a love story

The story of how Fivelements came about is, at its heart, a love story between co-founders Lahra and Chicco Tatriele. Like a children’s fable, it was a dark and stormy night when Lahra slipped and fell in the Balinese village where Chicco lived, and came to be rescued when he invited her to shelter in his home. Not only was this the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but the couple found they shared a dream of creating a wellness sanctuary in their adopted island. The Universe stepped in again when it offered up a piece of land and the team that was to collaborate with them, and the rest, as they say, is Fivelements history.

A very Balinese retreat

Fivelements is, at its core, unmistakably, truly, deeply Balinese. During the making of the resort, gods and spirits, as well as priests, healers, local elders and experts were consulted. Ceremonies were held and traditions respected, always acknowledging the ‘seen’ and mysterious ‘unseen’ elements of Balinese culture. Balinese materials were sustainably resourced and natural resources, indigenous flora and fauna preserved at every turn. Local villagers were cared for, trained and employed; local issues and concerns addressed. And since our opening, the Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana, living in harmony with God, among humans and with nature, shapes every day at Fivelements.

Fivelements life and family

Going straight to the heart of what is important in life – love, happiness and purpose – Fivelements has pioneered a retreat concept that offers the space, practitioner insights and healing for guests to truly reconnect and transform. Bringing together the best in luxurious eco-chic villas, traditional treatments and sacred arts, stays are fuelled by innovative living foods cuisine to create truly life-changing experiences. The Fivelements family of local and international experts have created above all a friendly home, a refuge, a sanctuary, to which guests are returning again and again.

Achievements and highlights

Acknowledging the part Fivelements has played in Asia’s wellness industry, we have been honoured with numerous awards for our design, retreats, treatments, cuisine and environmental efforts, from organisations like AsiaSpa, the SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards, The World Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, World Spa Awards, Luxury Travel Guide Awards, Arcasia Awards for Architecture and significantly, Bali’s own home grown Tri Hita Karana awards for our dedication in maintaining the culture of Bali.

During our five years of operations we have hosted silent, yoga and various healing retreats. We have pioneered living foods cuisine, created culinary retreats and launched our popular Dinner Club. We have hosted community events like the TEDx Ubud and The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. We have welcomed renowned wellness pioneers like Gabriel Cousins, Merta Ada and Swamiji. We continue to push our environmental boundaries, reducing energy, water usage, waste and more, while also looking after our local community of Baterning.

Fivelements and the future

And there is so much more to come! We have an exciting calendar of retreats, community projects and environmental initiatives, as well as future Fivelements locations on the horizon. From our early days as a pioneer in environmental design, luxury retreats and transformative healing, five years in Fivelements is evolving into a serious business platform from which we hope to be able to care for more valued guests, changing them and the world through our exciting cuisine, wellness strategies and love in action.

Celebrating 5 Years of Healing, Wellness & Inspiration Event