Expressive Arts - Playing in and Creating Openness


Expressive Arts - Playing in and Creating Openness

Expressive Arts helps us to break down habits of movement expression (and feeling) and enter into a space of unknown – a space of open exploration which is the starting point to connecting to our creative source.

In this space of openness we move in our inner physical and emotional realm and allow it to move us.

In this space of openness we connect to the architecture and energy of where we are with curiosity and playfulness.

In this space of openness we engage with others keeping our awareness on ourselves in relation.

Diverse rhythms from around the world help to add to this playground of openness.

Moving from movement to visual expression brings us into another world – still in deep connection to ourselves but in a different way.

Expressive arts is a practice of playing in and creating openness, spaciousness and awareness in being, helping us to move energy and come into a grounded centre with clarity and aliveness. Nurturing this connection to our own creative source nourishes us deeply bringing our attention inwards and strengthening us through our authentic wisdom.


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