Embracing Change with Nilanthi


“I am grateful to be a humble instrument
in the divine orchestra of this life.”


Nilanthi, one of Fivelements amazing Wellness Liaisons, has been a holistic wellness consultant for over 18 years. She has experience in numerous modalities and wellness skills, and has led healing retreats around the world. Her powerful senses of intuition, mindfulness and understanding make her a powerful healing force, helping guests to empower themselves to live in harmony and balance, enjoy deep, joyful connections and experience a true sense of freedom.

What motivated your healing career?

I come from a background of meditation practices and a grandmother who was a humble, generous, wise, compassionate being, healer (though she never called herself by this title) and dedicated practitioner of Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice.

My life circumstances and challenging experiences from a very young age made me question the ‘meaning’ of life very early, and ignited the burning desire for finding answers and solutions to pain and suffering. So my inner conversations in the form of prayer and listening in silence with a higher consciousness began. I had a desire for ‘truth’ that has continued through my life and shaped my experiences and journeys.

You say your best teacher has been life?

Every situation gifts us a teaching if we are willing to listen, be aware, take responsibility for how we choose to react, be open in our hearts to qualities such as compassion, care, acceptance, non judgement and love. Every moment with whatever life presents is an opportunity to practice the qualities of silent listening, feeling, being, intuiting, cultivating compassion and stepping out of the mind to be without the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves.

How does Bali’s ancient wisdom and energy make the island, and Fivelements, your perfect home?

What I feel innate in the land of Bali are heart qualities of devotion, acceptance and care. Also the inner knowledge of the intricate balance between nature and humans and how to sustain this. It is a land that carries memories and wisdom as keys to living in harmony with ourselves, others and all living beings. Nature is a wonderful teacher of simple laws of balance, harmony, beauty, grace, abundance, joy and healing. I feel Fivelements’ core principles align with this wisdom of the land serving as a strong foundation and platform to support inner transformation.

What are your main roles at Fivelements?

I am a Wellness Liaison, as well as an Intuitive Therapist, Cranio Sacral Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Guide for private retreat guests and anyone going through times of change. My mission is to facilitate inner and outer transformation in a safe, clear and grounded space to support our guests’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. And in addition I am also present for our Fivelements’ family in these capacities.

How do you help guests find their own tools of empowerment to relinquish old stories and conditions?

By holding up a ‘mirror’ and facilitating self-exploration and inquiry to the stories they have been holding onto as truth. By facilitating inner guided journeys through meditation and breath exercises. Above all my dedication is to create a safe, compassionate space with deep presence that supports and encourages the ‘meeting’ of their fears, so-called negative emotions or aspects that they reject in themselves. I invite them to be present and face fully with mindful awareness, breath, guided journeying and a willing, open and compassionate heart space with which to welcome and embrace these fears, emotions and memories without trying to fix, run away from, sooth or reject them. I offer exercises designed to cultivate self-love, kindness and acceptance with all aspects of ourselves.

How central to your understanding of your clients is your intuition?

Intuition is a core pivotal space from within that is beyond the mind, concepts, philosophies, beyond preconceived ideas, judgements, expectations and labels. It is a space that allows an organic, fresh receiving of information from deep listening that also allows a fresh response aligned with that moment. From this space we have a greater chance of being authentic and aligned with what I call divine timing and will.

You are especially passionate about women’s health but work equally with both men and women?

As a woman I have had an affinity with woman’s healing because of my own experiences, which have propelled me into finding peace and freedom along the way. So it feels organically, intuitively natural and easy to recognise patterns, beliefs, behaviours, fears, darkness and light in women.

However, I don’t feel I approach a woman’s healing differently to a man’s. I have had the opportunity to facilitate the inner journeys and transformations of many men and I have discovered that how I work with each person totally depends on the individual and what each one is open to, ready for and in alignment with at the time of our session. It also a great privilege and joy to work with supporting couples on their journey.

Could you mention the main areas in which you can help a client turn their life around, should they be ready and open?

Emotional/mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety, fear, engulfed ‘stuck’ situations that require change and blind spots.

Transitions in life whether they be health challenges, career changes, completions or births of relationships, pregnancy, preparing for birth, postnatal care and depression, awareness and tools for addictive patterns, chronic illnesses and trauma.

And could you share some fundamental advice for anyone and everyone?

  • Be kind, caring, loving, respectful, honest, accepting and grateful with all of yourself – your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your memories, your circumstances and experiences.
  • And then be willing to step back, take a deep breath and be a witness, as if you were in an audience watching yourself play different roles on the stage of life. This is to remind yourself that these are roles you play, they are not who you truly are. Practicing being the witness gives us a greater opportunity to glimpse and experience who we truly are.
  • Don’t personalise and self identify too much. Lighten up and practice laughing at yourself. See the humour in how seriously we take ourselves.
  • Take quality, nurturing, silent time out for yourself in nature.