Divinely Inspired – with Debra Moffitt


Divinely Inspired – with Debra Moffitt

Co-founder Lahra recently went on award-winning author Debra Moffitt’s radio show Divinely Inspired, to talk about Fivelements as a transformational business. She discussed the mission, values and vision of Fivelements, the role intuition played in the making of the retreat, and the divine magic that infuses every stay and helps love in action and life transformations blossom for their guests. “Fivelements is not an escape, it is a place where you plug in to yourself,” she said.

A few of her takeaway points included how the award-winning food at Sakti™ Dining Room is part of the potential transformation of a stay at Fivelements, the high vibration of the food activating and inspiring guests, while surprising and delighting them with its tastiness.

She focused on the traditional healers at the retreat, who collaborate with the spirit to bring intuitive healing to you wherever you are at that particular point of time in your life.

She explained how she had a wish to be in the Peace Corps when she was young, and feels as if transformational business rather than the corporate life was always in her. She found Bali very intuitive and healing each time she visited from the first time 20 years ago, and still does living here. Bali gave her the faith to take “the journey of letting go and letting flow” into a new career.

The making of Fivelements was full of intuitive signs. Lahra felt that the land had been waiting for Fivelements to happen, that the spirits are happy guiding them, and the project has always been bigger than her and her partners.

And she finished by commenting that so many people are in transition, reflecting and assessing their lives, trying to work out how to come back to centre, to harmony. Let yourself evolve and find a new path, explore, be inspired. “Embrace a lifestyle, whatever it is, that is fully integrative. Start with yourself, that is what Love in Action is all about.”

To listen to the whole podcast, and hear all of Lahra’s enlightening takeaway points, go to iTunes.comTunein.com or www.debramoffitt.com