Coral Planting Around Nusa Lembongan


One of our favorite day trips here at Fivelements, Bali is a quick boat ride over to the wild scenery of Nusa Penida and the neighboring islands. While a visit to Goa Giri Putri temple is often the main event, we always take time to explore the island and its waters before returning to Bali. A long snorkel and then a coconut on the beach is the perfect way to end this day of rebirthing and reconnecting to nature.

 As part of our commitment to stay involved in the communities where we work, we recently partnered with the Coral Triangle Center ( to plant new coral in the waters off these islands. Jaya, Marthen, Julia and the rest of the team at the CTC chose to plant branching Acropora corals, which are a threatened but important shallow water coral. Our hope is that these new corals will replace some of those that have been damaged by unruly boat traffic in the area creating habitat for fish and keeping our oceans healthy.

If you are in Nusa Lembongan, stop in and have a look to see how they are growing! Or better yet give us a call and we can organize a trip with the folks from the CTC.