Celebrating 5 Years of Healing, Wellness & Inspiration


Our successful foundation would not be possible
without the amazing people whom over time have become part of the greater Fivelements family.
Here members of Fivelements family share how Fivelements has inspired them over the years.

Chicco Tatriele, Co-founder & President Director

Love in Action!

Domenici Angela, Art Director

Fivelements remind me the path between hart, soul, body & mind. It feeds my need of beauty and my love for food. It's where all seems to flow seamless. This is what is all about

Endang Sulfianti, Financial Controller

I am proud working at Fivelements because this property is unique and situated on Ayung river side. Beside that Fivelements has taught us to nurture the harmony between human to God, human to human and human to nature.And learn to Love and respect live….. appreciation is wonderful things. Happy Anniversary 5th for Fivelements and success always in the future. Astungkara………….Amien.

Felix Schoener, Executive Chef

I was looking for people with a big vision and a strong mission with a great business sense. Lahra and Chico have this as well as a high integrity in how they work sustainably and consciously. I think together we can bring plant based and raw living cuisine to the next level of excellence and also make it accessible for more people around the world.

Prof. Gerry Bodeker, Oxford & Columbia Universities, Wellness Advisor

Fivelements' sophistication in presenting ancient Balinese traditions to a global, wellness-aware clientele is a hallmark of their success. This modern vision and deep grounding in tradition is unique and makes working with Fivelements stimulating, creative and rewarding.

Gove de Puy, Environmental Liaison

It is obvious to me that Fivelements has become an early adopter of a paradigm that will eventually become the norm in wellness, destination travel, and even hospitality as a whole. The opportunity to innovate on this front and influence its outcome is inspiring, exciting and humbling all at the same time. As we gain experience in sustainable technologies, social innovation, and wellness techniques we will be creating a toolkit for conducting business in a healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable world marketplace.

Helen von Sternberg, Marketing Manager

Fivelements is a very unique, modern and ambitious wellness lifestyle company. After only 5 years and having only 9 suites we show extraordinary results: over 15000 people visited us from all over the World, great social media following, highest ratings and - as the most important for hospitality industry - happy guests, their inspiring comment and beautiful slimes. Plus, this is a great pleasure and very unusual experience to be a part of the highly professional international team working from different places and different time zones: Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany and Canada. Fantastic teamwork spirit!

Indah Rianti, Interior Designer, Fivelements, Hong Kong

Fivelements has taught me how important the energy balance is. We need to maintain right levels of energy in our lives to share positive attitude with the world.

Isa Mat, Wellness Liaison

After five years of coming to Fivelements, I still have the same powerful experience of stepping into a quite space inside as I walk in. The gardens, the sounds, the ever flowing river, the welcoming smiles, the natural architecture.. every thing I see and hear gives me a sense of harmony, beauty, calm, belonging.

Ketut Arthana, Lead Architect, Spirit & Space Expert

The passion and the intention of the Owner-Developers of Fivelements to create ‘different’ project that shares a path for a better world… and that they are doing it!.

Ketut Sunaradi, Sales Manager

I like working at Fivelements because Fivelements has unique products and has implemented Tri Hita Karana philosophy, which are keep the harmony and balance between human to God, human-to-human and human to environment. Beside that I am vegetarian and I am happy because they provide healthy and vegetarian foods for the employee. Also, the management has arranged staff activities like Yoga, Fire Blessing, and Spiritual Journey to maintain and develop our healthy body, mind and spirit.

Lahra Tatriele, Co-founder & Vision Director

Together, we began sharing our vision of creating a beautiful place of healing, cultural preservation and spiritual dialogue. A place to nurture human evolution and life transformation, it would embrace a new kind of luxury – the perfection of nature and the concept of life-long learning and sustainability. It would be a place for learning to love and respect life.

Made Tantra, Assistant Head Chef & Pastry Chef

Fivelements is the best healing destination. My wife’s cancer cells vanished since we are taking vegan cuisine into our daily lives.

Michael Hallock, Wellness Liaison

I envision Fivelements as a place known for spiritual leaders and other talented presenters, artists, and therapists who inspire, ‘enlighten‘ and elevate consciousness. I am inspired by the business model of ‘Love in action‘ as an inspiration for sustainable business worldwide.... a world where everyone wins... staff, guests, owners, local community, and even the environment.

Nilanthi Dayananda, Wellness Liaison

Being "held" in nature’s simple yet profound healing properties is a gift.

Nurita Rihadini, Human Resources

Very exciting to be part of the team Fivelements. With Fivelements, I learned a lot, how can better appreciate the mutual relations especially ourselves, other people and the surroundings even with God. how to learn about the customs of Bali as a whole and still have much to learn again. Fivelements provide a sense of comfort to me, even exceptional team and a good solid from the Founders and employees all make us foster a sense of harmony and mutual respect life. Fivelements in the future is always success and consistently maintain harmony a good relationship with the team as a whole and Fivelements get blessing and protection of God always.

Putu Suada, Driver

I’m inspired by the concept of Fivelements and enjoy good teamwork every day.

Rita Wardani, Sakti Dining Room Supervisor

Glad to be here at Fivelements. The nature is so beautiful and I’m happy to be able to work in these peaceful surroundings.

Sang Ayu Nyoman Sumiati, Healing & Wellness

Fivelements gave me a lot of lessons from day to day on the spiritual, health and how care or respect to each others.

Sang Made Parmana, General Manager

Been around the world with so many different things I saw..... Now times it comes and I found the place where I wanna be....such a wonderful place like Fivelements. Where I find my truly life ...with all the natural beauty and respect.

Stefanie Gasser, Beauty & Wellness Advisor

Fivelements’ commitment to continuously learn, always evaluating whether any elements need to be adjusted or tweaked for improvement, ensuring each and every guest has a most memorable experience.

Susan Allen, Sacred Arts Artists

After that beautiful meeting, I began to share Expressive Arts through Fivelements’ Sacred Arts program. With each and every person I encounter in a healing session, I’m humbled by the power of what happens when we listen to our own bodies and notice our impulses in thought, movement and sounding/speech. In a place of safety and sacred space, we move to the tune of our own unique expression and in doing so build a connection between our bodies and spirits.

Wayan Sader, Front Office Supervisor

My name is I Wayan Sadar and my last position is GSA Supervisor. I work here from the beginning, I like the team work of Fivelement and vision, mission and guide Philosophies. The most importance is for life food and now I am still practice for pure vegetarian (no meat, egg). Let starting with “Healthy Food for our life“.

Wayan & Iluh Bawa, Co-founders

"It is with humility and honour to take part in the sharing and preservation of our ancient Balinese wisdom with the world through Fivelements."

Edo Kahn, Musician & Vibrational Healing Therapist

"Words and pictures can not adequately describe the truly great things in this world. From the beauty of the natural setting, the physical design, the treatments, food, staff, ceremonies and more... Two words come to mind: Sublime. Divine. This is no ordinary spa. Behind this creation for personal and interpersonal wellness, is a pure intention. Big hearts have united to create this magical place in order to bring more peace, love and joy to our world. It's an honour to be part of the Fivelements family."