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INTRODUCING The Dinner Club, Hong Kong
AWARDS 2017 Spa Cuisine of the Year
INTRODUCING Fivelements, Hong Kong
ANNIVERSARY Fivelements, Bali celebrates five years
AWARDS 2016 Destination Retreat of the Year
AWARDS 2014 Spa Cuisine of the Year 2014
AWARDS 2013 Spa Retreat of the Year
HONEYMOONS & WEDDINGS Pre-wedding, Wedding and Honeymoon Wellness Experiences
CULINARY TRAININGS An Introduction to Living Foods
MONTHLY EVENTS Ancient Ceremony Agni Hotra at Fivelements, Bali
AWARDS 2013 Fivelements, Bali Wins World Luxury Spa Award
MASTERS SERIES 2013 Inspiring Talk & Meditation with Holistic Health Guru, Dr. Gabriel Cousens
MASTER SERIES 2013 Heal Yourself Through Mindfulness